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Monday, January 03, 2011

What Does It Mean - Aftermarket Car Parts?

Cars come from the manufacturer with stock parts. Upgrades offered by the dealers and manufacturers are stock parts. Most people know stock parts by another name: OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. When you add something to your car after you buy it that does not come from the original manufacturer, you are using aftermarket car parts. You can get aftermarket parts which can customize your car into a unique machine. With options ranging from aftermarket carburetors to custom rims, you no longer have to put up with what the car manufacturers want you to have.

Aftermarket Auto Parts

What else do you need to consider when asking, “What does it mean – aftermarket car parts?” Some parts are easy to install with little knowledge by the car owner. Other parts may require a professional engine specialist to install. If you are contemplating upgrading your car with these parts, you need to consider a couple of things. First, you might void your manufacturer’s warranty if you the aftermarket parts cause damage. Second, some aftermarket parts may not be legal once you install them on your vehicle. Those two considerations are not optional.

When you purchase a new car, it often comes with a warranty on all or part of the car. When you think about “What does it mean – aftermarket car parts,” you need to consider that damage caused by aftermarket parts can void warranties. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 allows car owners to install aftermarket car parts without voiding their warranties. However, if the car’s manufacturer determines that the aftermarket part caused damage to the vehicle, the car’s manufacturer does not have to cover the work to fix that damage.

Aftermarket Car Parts

It is also important to consider legality when contemplating “What does it mean – aftermarket car parts.” Auto stores can sell any part that aftermarket part manufacturers can develop. However, that doesn’t make it legal when you put it on your car. Emissions are a good example of this. Some high performance aftermarket parts will put your car’s emissions out of state boundaries, but boost your car’s performance. Your car is illegal with those levels of emissions, but it is legal to have those modifications. However, if you did those changes, failed your emissions inspection, you would find the dealer refusing to fix the problem because an aftermarket part caused the problem. These are all things to consider when looking at customizing your ride.