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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Advantages of Used OEM Parts

What are some of the advantages of used OEM parts compared to new or aftermarket parts? There are some significant advantages. You can pay less for the same part if you purchase it used from a known dealer of used auto parts. You can usually find parts of better quality in the used part market than in some case in the new OEM parts market. You also have the assurance of compatibility with your vehicle without the need for fit and customization as some aftermarket parts bring. These are just some of the advantages to choosing used parts over new ones.

Used OEM Car Parts

One of the more significant advantages of used OEM parts is price. A used part will always be significantly less than the same part new. You can get these parts from companies which specialize in salvaging parts from junk cars, refurbishing them, and testing them. Many of these parts are available through your local community, but still more are available on the internet. This makes competition a part of the pricing structure. Even with shipping costs added in, you can save a great deal when purchasing a used part online.

Many note one of the better advantages of used OEM parts is quality. Many car enthusiasts have noted the lack of quality that comes from many new OEM parts. The major car manufacturers use third party manufacturers that use inferior quality when it comes to creating the replacement parts. Using an original car part usually imparts higher quality that purchasing a new OEM part. And you get to pay a higher price for the inferior new product. That is adding insult to injury. Putting your money into a used part which passed testing and quality scrutiny is a trade many are willing to pay.

A final of the advantages of used OEM parts is compatibility. Using aftermarket parts can be a bit of a gamble. Some come with universal fit which translates for the need to add additional labor and materials to get the thing to fit. Using a used part from an original car means the part will fit without any problems. While you are getting the same fit when you purchase a new OEM part, you also get to pay the higher price at the same time. These are a few of the major advantages of using used parts over new or aftermarket parts. Can you think of any others?